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Theatrical release: Love me Tinder delivers laughs in its premiere

Theatrical release: Love me Tinder delivers laughs in its premiere

As part of Industrie/4Festival, Konter's theater group performed “Love me Tinder!” To the stage in the cultural scene of Kottingbrunn, the theatrical performance with music will also be presented at Hob i Raum in Bad Vöslau.

Cottingbronn. Nicole Gerwirtz Schiffer found ancient evidence of love in the possessions of her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Based on these ads and ads searching for partners in area newspapers, she began her work on this play. The boom in dating apps among all generations has been used as inspiration. For the Industrial Area Festival which had a perspective theme, I then designed a piece with different perspectives on love and relationships. To do this, I spoke to people from Baden and the surrounding area ranging in age from 20 to 100 and read current love guides.

Love me tinder

As soon as they enter the Markowitz Pavilion in the Köttingbrunn cultural landscape, visitors are greeted and drawn into conversation by the characters of aspiring matchmaker Gundula Blau (Nicole Gerwirtz Schäfer) and her test agents Rudi (Franz Schäfer) and Marie (Pamina). pulse). Live music from La Coquette with Karin Lenortner and Claudius Jellinek was already playing in the hall, enriching the whole evening with their music.

After the characters introduced themselves at a love strategy testing workshop, different strategies for modern love guides for Tinder and the like were immediately tried out. The two test agents also reported on their experiences and encounters on different platforms. The audience was allowed to rate some pick-up lines by swiping right and left, exclaiming and pointing. We continue with tips from love guides from 1900, 1916 and 1948, whose picture of women is foreign to us, as completely subservient, but certainly entertaining.

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Love me tinder.  |  Photo: Prender

It became emotional remembering the many old places in the area which were useful for getting to know each other and which the audience also likes to remember: “It brings back memories.”

Both genders are overwhelmed with what they must do and what they are not allowed to do in order to be perfect. You feel like you're not enough. In conclusion, they come to the conciliatory conclusion that there is no recipe for love, and no strategy that can be used to connect every person. The phrase “I am me. That's enough” has been used as a slogan against superficiality. And at the end there was the song “Love me Tender” which everyone sang together.

Evidence of love really does exist.  |  Photo: Prender

Mayor Christian Machu, District Director of the Cultural Network Bettina Windbuchler and Head of the Cultural Scene Irene Kunzel also enjoyed the evening of entertainment, which was also fun, serious and witty.

More ideas:
Cultural scene in Köttingbronn – June 1 and 2
HOB i RAUM Bad Vöslau – June 7, 8, 21 and 22

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