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Sunday blocked the election? Not a problem!

You can also cast your vote using the voting card. What to consider.

The Tyrol state elections will be held on September 25. Eligible voters who are not likely to be able to cast their vote in person at the polling station on Election Day can vote by voting card instead. After the provincial election proposals were approved, absentee ballots have now also begun to be issued in all Tirol counties.

Submit an oral or written absentee ballot in the municipality

The application for absentee ballot must be submitted in the municipality in which the voter is registered in the electoral register, stating the reason for the absence (health reasons, absence from the venue or other reasons).

in written form Is the app even No later than Tuesday, 20 September, is possible. The duration of the postal route must be taken into account and a copy of photo identification (passport, ID card or driver’s license) must be attached. In the case of an electronic application – for example by e-mail or, depending on the availability of the municipality, via The identity must also be made credible with a qualified electronic signature or scan of an official photo ID or other official document.

An absentee ballot can also be delivered upon presentation of a photo ID orally by Friday, September 23rd, 2pm at the latest, Requests. The phone application is not possible. Alternatively, the person authorized in writing can pick up the voting card with the written application and a copy of the municipality’s photo ID.

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Fill out your absentee ballot at home. Photo: Tyrol / Bolzel

Fill out the voting card and hand it in

After receiving the absentee ballot including the ballot envelope and the official ballot paper (delivered after a written request has been submitted by mail, in the case of an oral request directly from the municipality), it must be filled out in person, unnoticed and unaffected, placed in the ballot envelope and in turn placed in absentee ballot. After closing, the voter must sign the back of the absentee ballot in the area designated for this purpose.

Can vote card In person no later than Friday, September 23, 2:00 p.m.During working hours in the municipality in which the voter is registered in the electoral register. An authorized person can bring the absentee ballot to the municipality.

In addition, the voting card can also postal route Sent to the municipality: the recipient’s address is already printed on it, the postage is paid by the State of Tyrol. The absentee ballot must be mailed Until Friday 23. September, Arrive at church. Here, too, the duration of the postal route must be taken into account.

Finally, the voting card can also Sunday 25th September, at the polling station on whose register the voter is entered – either by an authorized person or, if you are able to do so, yourself. The absentee ballot cannot be delivered at polling stations or other municipalities.

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Vote for the “Flying Electoral Commission”

For people who are unable to go to the polling station themselves on election day due to age, illness or similar reasons, there is also a special electoral authority in each municipality – the so-called Flying Electoral Commission: this comes directly to the home of the eligible voter on election day. Can apply for the IHC Flying By Friday, September 23, 2pm at the latestIn writing or orally in the municipality in which the voter is registered in the electoral register.

Here are all the facts again explained by Christian Rancher: