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Megan The Stallion gives herself nothing and gives us so much

Megan The Stallion gives herself nothing and gives us so much

“Traumazine” is the title of the current album, with Megan Thee Stallion ripping off her injuries like a three-headed Cerberus.

to Natalie Bronner

Men in the Back Seat: This album is aimed at a female audience, says Megan Thee Stallion in a video interview for her new release. In 2020, the musician is still full of optimism Her debut album “Good News”. chest. After two years of a legal battle with her record company, and after being shot again, the mood of the Texas rapper has changed. Meghan said on Instapost that the name “Traumazine” is derived from a chemical that is released in the brain when it has to deal with painful emotions caused by traumatic events.

And when it comes to handling, Megan Thee Stallion does his best. “I’m damned bitch, I’m done being nice. And when it comes to cutting people off, I don’t think twice”, Megan raps on “Not Nice”, the third track from the nineteen-track album. She also set a new record for creative insults on “Not Nice”: “You don’t deserve the crack your mom used to smoke.”. She compares and points to the number of hip-hop gods and maybe her childhood, Biggie, Ice T and Warren G, and she’s telling everyone she doesn’t know and isn’t kind enough what she’s up to ability. That would be enough themes for one album; Megan Thee Stallion does it all with one number: not cute.

raised the game

“It originated from the game,” many presenters claim. With Megan Thee Stallion, it’s a biographical truth. Her mother, who died of a brain tumor in 2019, was also a rapper. She sang under the name Holly Wood and took Megan to the recording studio instead of sending her to nursery school. However, she did not allow Megan to start her aggressive rap career until she was 21 years old.

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No fillers, just killers

Megan Thee Stallion sings about her soul in “Traumazine”. On the album cover, she is seen with three faces that reflect pain, aggression and reflection. “Traumazine” is sculpted from a harsh serious material lyrically throughout. The album is an account, epilogue, and attempt to liberate, let go, and come to terms with inner anger.

The place where hatred and disgust are manifested towards haters in general and violent ex-partners in particular, who have no control over themselves and firearms. She still – and here’s another nod to her singing genius – does it in an entertaining and funny way, too. Megan Thee Stallion remained silent after being shot in a car with Tory Lenz. The police, the yellow press, or social media were not suitable places for reckoning and processing – ‘Traumazine’.

In “Scary,” a collaboration with rapper Rico Nasty, the talented rapper slips into the role of an avenger as if out of a horror movie and compares herself to the movie’s character Candyman. It also does not bode well for those associated with Megan Bev that she was seen attending a funeral in the teaser video for the album.

The focus of “Traumazine” is always on Megan’s voice and songs. Her collaborating partners such as Dua Lipa, Rikku Nasti or the already mentioned Future visit her world.

Megan begins by asking Thee Stallion a rhetorical question: “How many times can I say that I’m a bad bitch and that I’m serious?” After the album we know: in many ways. And the fact that we don’t get bored for a second is due to the lyrical genius of the 27-year-old.

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