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Sunday Song: Marika Hackman – Decaf

Sunday Song: Marika Hackman – Decaf

No coffee and better get out, says the new song by Hampshire’s Marika Hackman. A list of recommendations for yourself disguised as a song.

Written by Christophe Sebin

One hundred tips in one song on how to feel as little as possible. Or at least distract yourself from feelings. “Occupy your mind,” sings Marika Hackman and explains how best to do it. Get out of the house, meet up with friends, never look at your phone, and if you have to scream, at most into a paper bag. “Scream into a bag, try to turn off your brain, make herbal tea, don’t throw up.”

For a list of things you can do to avoid a panic attack, see No caffeine. Try to sleep in and take a day off from work. “Get out of the fun, and pretend like you don’t care.” Don’t do anything that’s too much fun and pretend like you don’t care. Coldness as self-protection somehow works.

These are small beginnings and first steps towards self-improvement, and sometimes it doesn’t work anymore at first. The first decision not to drink coffee is difficult enough, given the routine. And so it continues: “Take a day off work, call your mom, have a glass of wine, get away from the fun.” A long list written on paper in ballpoint pen, proud of every little mark of completed tasks.

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It’s not easy to always stay good as a musician. The next album could have already been finished, but instead there was a record of cover songs from three years ago. Occupational therapy is in times of lockdown and just something to do. Now step outside (“Don’t Stay Home”). New beginnings, new ideas, new attempts, new songs and refocusing. A list of recommendations for yourself disguised as a song is perfect for this.

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“Because you helped me and I feel so stupid,” Marika Hackman sings, not referring to others, but as an emotional state. “‘No Caffeine’ is a list of what to do to avoid having a panic attack and having my anxiety viewed as an abusive partner,” she says. Every downward spiral begins with a small cycle – here is the attempted counter-movement. Jerk back before it’s too late. And everything you can find yourself in, in a song about the distractions of the world.