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Exhibition opening – Herzogenburg: Colorful Ideas at the Cultural Center

Exhibition opening – Herzogenburg: Colorful Ideas at the Cultural Center

Artist Brigitte Hoffmann with Anton Herzl, City Councilor for Culture Kurt Schirmer and Heinz Hausmann-Fischer (from left) at the Reutherhaus Cultural Center in Herzogenburg.

Hans Kubitz

BRegit Hofmann opened her exhibition “Colorful Ideas” at the Retherhaus on Friday.

She has already exhibited her work at the Retherhaus Cultural Center in Herzogenburg – and now Brigitte Hoffman Actress there again. The City Council of Culture opened last Friday Kurt Schirmer Their exhibition is titled “Colorful Ideas” with the main building in St. Pölten Heinz Hausmann Fischer According to his statements, he is an academic painter, artist, author, museum curator, writer, poet, art teacher, musician, lecturer, and chatterbox. Anton Herzl It showcases the artist or her works and the history of painting from the Renaissance to the present.

Brigitte Hoffmann’s artistic career began in her youth. Colors and drawing have always had an attractive influence on her. Impressions of the uniqueness of nature and the pleasure of meeting people are her constant companions, in her work as a master hairdresser, but also as a personal trainer and painter.

Among those attending the Reitherhaus: Roswitha Biehl, Margareta Karner, Gertrude Koenig And Elidia Kreutzer with the husband.

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