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Superman mod in Unreal Engine 5 gives hope for a new game

Superman mod in Unreal Engine 5 gives hope for a new game

Fly across town like Superman? Obviously we weren’t the only ones to do that The Matrix Awakens Experience Unreal Engine 5 I thought so exactly. One Superman mod for Unreal Engine 5 It was released on PC. This makes even the most powerful graphics cards “sweat”.

Tyson Butler Bushma He is the creator behind the Superman mod for UE5, available for download now on

He himself says, “This project was developed simply as a test of what a future superhero game could look like like Superman in a modern city working on UE5. I dream of a modern Superman game and with the release of UE5 it seemed like a breeding ground for some experimentation with the amazing packages made available by Epic .

This game uses Project City from Epic’s The Matrix Awakens and replaces the character with a flying superhero variant of my own design using other Marketplace assets. “

Superman Unreal Engine 5 mod makes trembling on top of current devices

Of course, as a PC gamer, you can convince yourself of the model, but a “proper” gaming PC is necessary for this. As Butler-Boschma himself says, he had problems with his 3090 graphics card. But he says, “I haven’t done any optimization myself, it’s just plug and play.”

You can see what it looks like without having to download it to YouTube:

If you have the necessary hardware at home, you can get a Superman mod (without the “S” in the costume). Itch Download.

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You may have noticed Warner Bros. Players’ interest in a new video game Superman, in which access was sometimes blocked due to high traffic in downloading the mod.