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Delta variable: risk of hospitalization double

Delta variable: risk of hospitalization double

Vaccination is an effective protection

Of the more than 40,000 cases examined in the study, only 1.8 percent were fully vaccinated, which the researchers interpret as further confirmation that the vaccines are highly effective. 74 percent of infected people were not vaccinated, and 24 percent were only partially vaccinated, that is, with only one vaccination dose. Due to the limited data available for this purpose, researchers cannot make any statements about whether there is a greater risk of serious illness in people who have also been vaccinated.

“Our analysis shows that without vaccinations, an outbreak in the delta would put a much greater burden on the health system than an alpha epidemic,” said one of the study’s authors, Anne Brisanis of the University of Cambridge. “Having a full vaccination is critical to reducing the risk of developing symptomatic infection and reducing the risk of severe delta infection and hospitalization.”

possible abnormalities

The authors cite weaknesses in their study as they did not have any data on their patients’ previous illnesses. It is also possible that hospital admission rules may have changed during the trial period. The researchers at least tried to reduce these factors in their calculations as much as possible.

The delta variant, which was initially demonstrated in India, is now the dominant variant in many countries. Experts predict that it will largely displace other variants around the world – unless a more contagious species spreads. Delta was first discovered in England in March.