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Surprising farewell to the head of the theater An der Fin Geer -

Surprising farewell to the head of the theater An der Fin Geer –

“The surprise was a success,” the honoree said. Before that, a colorful group of art buddies gathered for one tune or the other—singer-couple Daniel Schmutzard and Annette Dash with Strauss and Wagner or artist George Wax with his own Roland vocals. Doll wizard Nicholas Hapgan and Charlotte on his arm were eulogized. 265 operas and various speeches by 84 composers are Geyer’s directors’ balance sheet in numbers: “He was always on the lookout for new tracks – and these weren’t popular ones!”

Franz Bataille, Managing Director of United Theaters of Vienna (VBW), thanked Geyer for the achievement of returning the An der Vienna theater to the map of the opera world. Foreign Secretary Meyer emphasized the “delicate productivity and movement toward unspeakable music” that prevailed in Geyer’s era: “Anyone who respects himself in Vienna has a share in this house.”

The reason the celebration was celebrated months before the official end of Geyer’s directing is simply that Geyer’s era in theater an der Wien is already over. After all, the house has been closed since the end of February for a public renovation that lasted several years. The new Artistic Director, Stefan Herheim, will then begin his era in an alternate location in the Museum District.

For Roland Geyer, however, there are still two initial offers in Chambers Oprah’s credit until the end of his contract on August 31, before the 69-year-old finally bids farewell. In the year of 2006 Mozart, he restored the former opera house, at the same time turned into a musical theatre, to its old glory and renewed its importance as the third Vienna opera house. The house is now on the horizon, but at least it’s backed by silver.

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