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Sustainable energy supply for residents – Graz Holding

Sustainable energy supply for residents – Graz Holding

New apartments with countryside views were recently built at Reininghausstrasse 80 on the site of the former ÖAMTC in the Eggenberg district of Graz. In cooperation with the three real estate developers BEWO-Besser Wohnen-Immobilien GmbH, IKK Group and Wallner&Schemitsch, Energie Graz developed and implemented the innovative energy concept for the new residential building.

The concept of sustainable energy

The energy concept allows environmentally sustainable energy to be provided to residents for heating and cooling purposes, and also provides the opportunity to generate their own electricity. It includes various components of power generation and includes the use of heat pumps with geothermal energy at ground level, district heating, photovoltaic systems on the roof and a heat storage unit with a capacity of 7,500 litres. Thanks to the geothermal energy consisting of 24 deep wells distributed throughout the area, environmentally friendly cool is also provided in the summer.

“By implementing this project, we have succeeded in combining different methods of ecological energy production and thus ensuring sustainable energy supply for the population.”like this Boris Babousek And Werner RieseManaging Directors of Energie Graz.

Generate environmental energy on your roof

Three photovoltaic systems on the building's roof enable residents to obtain solar energy directly from the roof of their homes. Through our “own electricity” model, tenants can use environmentally generated electricity for their own needs. A portion of this electricity is also used to supply public areas. The total output of PV systems is about 70 kilowatts, so they can produce the electricity needed by 20 average households per year.

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All from one source

The energy concept was planned and implemented by Energie Graz GmbH's Direct Heat Service (WDS for short). Energie Graz is now responsible for the operation, maintenance and remote monitoring of the energy centre. In addition to the opportunity for tenants to use the “Our Own Energy” model to purchase their own solar energy produced on the roof, Energie Graz also offers direct heating billing for the residential building project at Reininghausstrasse 80. This means that heating costs for tenants are billed directly and transparently via Energie. Graz.