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Swarovski airline Tyrolean Jet Services cuts its workforce in half

Swarovski airline Tyrolean Jet Services cuts its workforce in half

Swarovski Crystal Group Tyrolean Jet Services (TJS) cuts its workforce in half. According to, 30 out of 60 employees are required to leave. A spokesperson for the group confirmed to the magazine that management had already informed those affected. It also remains open whether the aircraft fleet or investments like TJS personnel leasing, flight school or catering subsidiary will also be saved.

Because “circumstances have changed dramatically as a result of the crisis,” they said, a step would be taken now. There are “fewer indoor and outdoor flight needs”. One tries to “make all cuts as socially acceptable as possible. This includes a comprehensive safety package, business basis, and training.”

Red numbers last year

As reported by, the airline, which was founded in 1958, was actually in the red last year. The balance sheet at the end of December 2020 showed a cumulative loss of 7.5 million euros; In 2020 it was 2.4 million euros.

Since the previous year, Swarovski has repeatedly made negative headlines due to massive job cuts at its Wattens headquarters. 1,200 employees there have been cut, and 250 are set to follow this year. In the medium term, 3,000 people will be employed at Watens’ headquarters. Additionally, there were violent internal family disputes over the group’s orientation and the new group structure. Finally, at the shareholders’ meeting in October, there was a vote on the change in the corporate structure. About 80 percent of shareholders voted for. The result was complaints from members of the opposition family.