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Sweden: New government overturns ‘feminist foreign policy’

Sweden’s new right-wing government is working to overturn the concept of “feminist foreign policy”. “Gender equality is a core value in Sweden and also a core value of this government,” Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom of the conservative Moderates told TT news agency today. Tendency to hide content.

Various publications on this topic have already been removed from the State Department’s website. The term “feminist foreign policy” was coined by then-Division Chief Margot Wahlström in 2014. Her policy considered itself “a response to the systemic discrimination and subordination that characterizes the daily lives of countless girls and women around the world”.

Reuters / Jessica Gao / TT News Agency

The new Prime Minister, Ulf Christerson, leader of the Moderate Conservative Party, presented his new government today, which is made up of 13 men and 11 women. The right-wing Swedish Democrats tolerate the government of moderates, Christian Democrats and liberals.

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