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Swedish union strikes Tesla supplier –

Swedish union strikes Tesla supplier –

The conflict between the Swedish union IF Metall and the American electric car manufacturer Tesla is expanding. According to the union, about 50 employees at Tesla supplier Hydro Extrusions stopped working yesterday until further notice or were deployed to other departments.

“They are delivering spare parts to the Tesla factory near Berlin, and we hope they will return to the negotiating table if production is disrupted,” said union negotiator Veli-Pekka Saikala in charge.

Tesla’s sole supplier in Europe

Hydro Extrusions is a subsidiary of the Norwegian aluminum and energy group Hydro. According to union information, the company is Tesla’s only supplier of certain aluminum parts in Europe.

The union is struggling to reach a collective agreement for about 130 Tesla mechanics in Sweden. They have been on strike since October 27 and many other sectors are now supporting them with solidarity strikes.

Tesla did not respond to multiple requests for comment. The company rejects collective agreements and points out that Tesla offers better terms than what the union demanded.

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