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UBI vs UBSC DBSC: Battle for basketball supremacy in Graz

UBI vs UBSC DBSC: Battle for basketball supremacy in Graz

The two Graz teams will meet in the German League, on Sunday, for the first time this season. The young UBSC-DBBC team wants to have plenty of courage to pull off an upset, and UBI wants to live up to its role as favourite.

Graz. The top match in the Women’s Basketball Super League will take place on Sunday at 2:30 pm at Raiffeisen Sportpark. In the derby UBSC-DBBC welcomes its city rivals UBI Graz. Both teams are there Three wins and one defeat The season started and they last met in the semi-finals of the previous season. to UBSC-DBBC Coach Edvin Brkic UBI is clearly the favorite, but his team is not afraid and wants to be Enter the derby relaxed and carefree. Brkic: “Ten of our 14 players are still young players, UBI has the advantage of experience. We have the advantage of youth and we will fight until we are relegated.”

It is generally a year of change for UBSC-DBBC, and expectations for this season were low. Brkic: “We started the season with the aim of developing young Austrian players, without any pressure.” After a good start to the season, we are of course still looking a bit towards reaching the playoffs. But Brkic also emphasizes that we look from one match to another and that the only important thing for him is that the team gives everything in every match.

UBI forward Camilla Newman is on the cusp of making a comeback.  |  Photo: Giba

UBI is confident

The goal in UBI is more specific here Wants man Winning clearlyLike a coach Tanya Kuzmanovich He confirms: “We are the better team on paper and we want to leave the field as winners.” But Kuzmanovic also praised the opponents: “They are having a very good season so far. They are young and very aggressive and will make every point difficult for us.” The deciding factor will be whether you bring your performance to the floor from the first minute and whether you are mentally present, because: “Whoever wants to win more will win.” At the start of the season, the UBI women were alongside… Double burden He also suffers from some diseases and injuries, and he is the top scorer Camilla Newman If all goes according to plan, he should be back on the pitch for the derby.

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