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In Klosterneuburg, you can travel back in time to the Middle Ages

In Klosterneuburg, you can travel back in time to the Middle Ages

by Paloma Boltinger

Opens for the third time Klosterneuburg Abbey The weekend of May 6th and 7th for the Medieval Festival. Visitors can immerse themselves in times past with performances, stalls, and music.

One of the shows is drama “the bell”. The play is an entertaining story with fencing scenes and fights for the show fighting group “three strikes”the conjurer family takes care of magic “Hallybox” And Norbert Boehringer, aka The Magician “Solaris” fascinated.

Medieval live music

The trio provides the right soundscape RhiannonMedieval folk bands Amarok AvariAnd “cowardly slaves” And “Musica Salamanda”. On Saturday evenings, the band performs “Daedalus” with their fiery arts.

In addition to concerts, a puppet theatre, fencing workshops, and a jockey tournament provide entertainment. In addition, there is also the opportunity to take part in guided tours through the upper town or on herbarium and bed tours on medieval ruins.

Many exhibitors present various goods. Camp groups pitch their tents and give insight historical craftLike coins.

Creative program for children

a Children’s programme The festival completes. The youngest knights and knights can prove their skills in jousting, jousting, archery, hobby horses, crossbow shooting or even fighting dragons.

If you successfully master all the challenges, you will get the prize. The youngest visitors can also let their creativity run wild in the “kunsTRAUMstift” and in the portrait workshop.

the Gastronomy It provides you with your bodily health through grilled meats, various stews, almonds roasted in cauldrons, thin tree cake, Celtic ale, and other juices.

Admission to the festival grounds is free, but tickets must be purchased for guided tours and a station pass. There is more information here.

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