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Switzerland 7:8 NE: The Swiss shot the world champion out of the tournament «

Switzerland 7:8 NE: The Swiss shot the world champion out of the tournament «

In the second round of 16 there was a lot of scenes on Monday. Switzerland forced France to penalty shootouts and ultimately knocked the top nation out of the tournament.

12:10 AM, June 29, 2021


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Swiss victor © AP

Surprisingly, world champions Switzerland knocked France out of the tournament in the round of 16 of the European Football Championship. The Confederation of Confederation removed the forces of team captain Didier Deschamps on Monday evening at the National Arena in Bucharest with a penalty shootout 5-4. After extra time and after 90 minutes the score was 3:3. For the first time since the World Cup on home soil in 1954, the Swiss reached the quarter-finals in the last round.

Spain will be waiting there on Friday in St. Petersburg. The Iberians had to work overtime at 5-3 after extra time against Croatia. Take care in a crazy game Haris Seferovic (15.) Surprise to lead the third group. Karim Benzema With his lightning double (57, 59) and his number three and four goals in this last round as well Paul Pogba (75) You turned the game. Seferovic with his second goal (81) and “Joker” Mario Gavranovic (90.) The Confederacy preserved in the extension. Penalty shootout was Jan Somer For the champion, save the last penalty kick from Superstar Kylian Mbappe, who went empty-handed in this last round.

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The French starting eleven, changing in three positions compared to fencing with Portugal, owed a lot before the break and had to follow an early deficit. After Zuber’s wing, Seferovic sat in a duel Clement Lenglet Through and headed exactly to the corner. Then Equipe Tricolore increased the pressure, but only came close to equalizing once. He wasn’t missing much from Rabiot’s long-range shot (28). A fast driver then caused a stir, causing a short break in the 37th minute.

After the start of the second half, the Confederates who started with the same match they had started in the same match as in the 3-1 win over Turkey failed to make the initial decision. Shakiri’s cross did not find a taker (ranked 50). Two minutes later, Benjamin Pavard put Stephen Zuber inside the penalty area. The match lasted for some time before the referee looked at the event again on the screen and rightly decided a penalty kick. Lloris hit Rodriguez’s shot from the corner. The 34-year-old Tottenham goalkeeper became the first French goalkeeper since Fabien Barthez to save a penalty in the last round of the 2004 European Championship (against England).

That should be a turning point for now. Mbappe was still shooting with a few shots near the goal (56). Benzema did much better in the end. After the preparations for Mbappe, the Real Madrid striker took the ball with him and defeated the summer. His second trick immediately followed: after the most beautiful combination on several stops, the veteran only had to shake his head after Griezmann’s cross from a very short distance. It was his fourth goal in a row after he also scored twice in a 2-2 draw against European champions Portugal.

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A quarter of an hour before the end, it was assumed that the lid of the favorite was open. Pogba took a heart from about 20 meters and hit Kreuzeck exactly. However, the Swiss did not give up and fought their way again. Seferovic once again showed his vertical qualities, he tied a double after Mbabo’s cross. The equalizer was excellent in the 85th minute, but Gavranovic’s goal was not recognized properly due to offside. Five minutes later, the Argentine referee had Fernando Andres Rapallini Nothing to object to 3:3. Gavranovic met after Xhaka’s pass from the penalty area into the corner.

The game almost ran in a different direction before the extra time, Kingsley Coman But his bad luck with the crossbar (90 + 4). After that, both teams remained dangerous, but the decision in favor of the French was rather in the air. Sommer hit Pavard’s shot over the bar (95th position), Mbappe did not set his eyebrow properly twice (109, 110) and Sommer also carried Giroud’s header (119). The Swiss, who were sovereign from their point of view, managed to surprise in the penalty shootout.