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Unity in panic landing - Prime Minister promises opportunities for more viewers

Unity in panic landing – Prime Minister promises opportunities for more viewers

Eintracht Braunschweig explained to Prime Minister Stefan Weil during Monday’s visit why the spectators on the field are important to the club in monetary terms. Up to 6 million euros in TV revenue is missing.

Eintracht President Christoph Bratmann (right) welcomes Prime Minister Stefan Weil (left) at the Eintracht Stadium. Photo: Jan Fischer

28.06.2021, 19:02

Braunschweig. Prime Minister Stefan Weil visited Eintracht on Monday in Braunschweig And met for “talk” with the officials of the association. Due to relegation to the third division, BTSV will have to accept financial cutbacks next season. This makes selling tickets even more important for spectators in stadiums. In this context, Prime Minister Will announced that the federal and state governments are currently discussing requirements for the return of extended fans to the stadium.

Television revenue would lose up to six million euros to Eintracht with relegation to the third division. Prime Minister Stefan Weil knows Eintracht well, even if, as he jokes, he is from Hanover. According to Weil, the situation for football fans who want to support their clubs on the field – and therefore also for clubs – could soon improve: “The federal and state governments are currently talking about requirements. We are not in 100 per cent of the audience we will certainly also demand that people be vaccinated or They are tested on a daily basis, but it will be possible to achieve more than last season thanks to the vaccination of a large part of the population, there is now “fortunately a different level of security in the whole system”.

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