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Switzerland beat Canada 3-2, USA’s flawless World Cup run

Switzerland beat Canada 3-2, USA’s flawless World Cup run

Updated on May 20, 2023 | 21:50

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Switzerland wins against Canada in Schlager


DThe Swiss national ice hockey team is on course to win the group stage at the world championships in Finland and Latvia. The confederates won Group B 3-2 (0:0,2:1,1:1) against Canada in Riga on Saturday, winning their fifth game. In Group A, Team USA is still flawless after defeating Denmark 3-0 (0:0,0:0,3:0). USA, Finland and Sweden (Group A) and Switzerland, Canada and Czech Republic (B) are already in the quarterfinals.

World champions Canada took the lead on the power play through Tyler Toffoli (30th), Switzerland responded with three goals from Nico Hisier (34th), Dario Simeon (38th) and 39-year-old veteran Andres Ambul (53rd). Last year’s North American finalist Michel Garcon (57th) made contact, but the Swiss didn’t let a 14th straight win in World Cup group play elude them. They lead Group B with 15 points ahead of Czech Republic (13) who beat Norway 2-0 (2- and Canada (11). In the race for the fourth ticket, second World Cup hosts Latvia thrashed Kazakhstan 7-0 (2:0.3:0.2:0) and are now six points ahead of Slovakia, but lost the direct fight.

America has also extended their winning streak. Team USA only won in the final third against Denmark in Tampere, however, Boston College Eagles junior Cutter Gauthier broke the deadlock with his third goal (50th) of the tournament. Sweden beat France 4-0 (4-0.0-0.0-0). The final score was already awarded after the first third, after the Swedes converted four of their first seven shots on goal.

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