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Christoph Tom: Practitioner in intensive care units in the United States

Christoph Tom: Practitioner in intensive care units in the United States

Christopher Tom Practitioners in intensive care units in the United States

Christophe Tom is recording a TV show in February 2023.

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Christophe Tom is said to be in intensive care in the US. In 2022 he was diagnosed with cancer.

According to a media report, long-time soccer coach Christophe Daum, 69, is currently in the intensive care unit at the American Hospital. Tom confirmed this to RTL: “I’m in the intensive care unit at a hospital in New York. I can’t be expected right now.” According to the report, no details are known at the moment – why he is in intensive care or when Tom will be able to return to Germany.

However, last year, Tom was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was diagnosed in October 2022 Posted on Instagram. “Unfortunately, I have had to step away from the public eye for the past few months as part of a routine check-up where I was diagnosed with cancer,” the coach wrote at the time. The 69-year-old, who has coached several Bundesliga teams and clubs across Europe over the years, was confident: “I am a fighter and I will tackle this challenge with confidence and with all my strength.”

In an interview with the broadcaster, football-based Tom says: “It’s an absolutely stressful situation. […] Pressing on the opponent, on the opposite cells – on the cancer cells. […] Don’t go for it and let them rest. But fight again and again until they tire, until they give up, retreat and disappear.”

Christoph Tamm “underwent very intense chemotherapy”

at He explained Christmas on InstagramHe is “back on track.” “I feel great,” he said March 2023 also said in “Sport Bild”.. By December she had “undergoed very aggressive chemotherapy which worked very well and removed all the metastases”. In March he was on immunotherapy in Cologne.

Tom said of his long-term prospects for recovery: “It would be wishful thinking to believe that we can beat cancer: it’s gone. For me it’s more telling: we’ve got it under control and I’m getting old”. To achieve this, “certain treatments are still necessary”.

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