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Switzerland were beaten at the end of the group and Germany had to go on the wobble

Switzerland were beaten at the end of the group and Germany had to go on the wobble

Czech Republic – Switzerland 4:2 (1:0/1:2/2:0)

The team is without striker Matteo Wagner and defender Luis Fuhlmann, who were injured in Saturday's third World Cup group game and will no longer be available for the tournament, as well as Swiss Czech Leon Mukli, who is suspended for one game. In Division B, Republic lost third place.

Defender Nick Maile (SC Bern) and striker John Harnecker (SCRJ Lakers) made their first appearances as replacements for the injured Wagner and Fullman.

Captain Jiri Kulich scored the winning goal in the third period for the Czech Republic, who finished third in Group B and will face Canada in the quarterfinals. The Swiss will have to settle for fourth place and face hosts Sweden in the quarter-finals.

In his third appearance at the World Juniors, the 19-year-old Kulich (drafted by the Buffalo Sabres) passed Michael Frolik (12) to become the all-time Czech leader in goals (post-Czechoslovakia) with 13 goals.

Patience and intelligence were key for coach Patrick Augusta's boys after the Swiss managed to equalize in the second period after trailing 2-0. The Czechs dominated the game, limited Switzerland's chances and had more shots on target than the opposition (35:19).

Czech assistant captain Matyas Sabovalev scored the first goal at 12:04 when he converted a rebound off a power play before Switzerland goalkeeper Alessio Beglieri scored his third goal of the tournament. The first third game ended with a goal shooting ratio of 14:5 in favor of the Czech Republic.

The Czechs took a 2-0 lead in the second third. A nice passing game ended with Ondrej Becher finding Robin Saboček in front of the goal, who was able to push the puck in (10:05).

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Against the run of play, Simon Meyer cut the score to 1:2 at 14:26 minutes past Czech goalkeeper Michael Hrabel from a tight angle from the left side. It was Meier's second goal of the tournament.

Switzerland equalized with 57 seconds to go. Julian Rodd uses Gregory Weber's cross pass. Defender Rodwin Dionisio contributed to both goals.

Coach Marcel Jenni's team unexpectedly gained momentum. But the joy didn't last long as the third period saw some of Switzerland's best ice hockey.

After Kulich's goal, defender Tomasz Hamara put the Czechs ahead 4-2 with a deflected slap shot at 15:58. In the final stretch, Jenny took Beglieri off the ice for the sixth skater. But even after Hamara received a penalty for tripping in the last minute, creating a 6-on-4 power situation, the Swiss couldn't do anything.

Canada – Germany 6:3 (2:1/0:1/4:1)

Until 12 minutes before the end, Germany kept a very one-sided game against Canada open (35:20 shots on goal) and only had to concede a decisive 4:3 in the 49th minute. Earlier, Germany made it 1-0 with three power play goals from Julian Lutz (3rd), Roman Gektor (22nd) and Julius Marsh (48th) to make it 3-3. I am looking for the point needed to avoid relegation and progress to the quarter-finals. However, the bitter 2:6 defeat against Latvia on Saturday could no longer be made up for.

“We believed in our team, that's clear,” said Lutz, who had a goal and an assist for the Germans. “We wanted to play as simple as possible and be patient with every puck going through their line. We did that really well. I mean, how many minutes of the game did we draw with Canada? We were disappointed we couldn't get a win. Draw, but I'm really proud of our team.”

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The game could not have started more dramatically, and for all the wrong reasons. Just eleven seconds later, Canadian striker Conor Keaki was assessed a game-misconduct penalty for a check to the head. Lutz punished penalty time with the opening goal. But Canada bounced back in the top three with McGlynn Celebrini (7th) and Brayden Yager (15th).

Gektor took advantage of another penalty time against Canada in the second third to make it 2-2. And so it went into the final section, as Matthias Bittner outdid himself several times in Germany's goal as the boys in front of him battled furiously into shots.

Canada took the next lead through Owen Beck in the 42nd minute, but Julius Marsh was able to equalize again on the power play. When Celebrini drew another penalty, Jordan Dumais made it 4:3 in the 49th minute, and Celebrini managed to increase it to 5:3 in the 57th minute. Easton Cowan singled for the final score as Upditer Bittner bunted to another fielder.

“In three of the four opening round games at this World Cup we did well overall,” Abstreiter explained. “That's why it's bittersweet for all of us not to bring this level against Latvia. Basically, we had the attitude and desire to give everything against Canada today, and we'll have to take that into the game against Norway.”

Quarter Finals on 2nd January:

Sweden (1A) v Switzerland (4B), 7.30 pm

Canada (2A) vs. Czech Republic (3B), 2:30 p.m

Finland (3A) – Slovakia (2B), 12 p.m

Latvia (4A) – USA (1A), 5 p.m

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Elimination game on 4th January:

Germany (5A) v Norway (5B), 11am