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Ukraine aid: Scholz asks US Congress for more aid to Ukraine

Ukraine aid: Scholz asks US Congress for more aid to Ukraine

Ahead of the US visit, Chancellor Olaf Schaalz (SPD) called on all allies to provide military support. Ukraine Don't let go. “I hope that the United States and the US Congress will soon decide on the necessary financial assistance,” he said after a meeting with France's new prime minister, Gabriel Attal. He argues that the US and Europe are “making such a large contribution that the Russian president's calculation is not working”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at one point said he believed Western allies did not want to support Ukraine. The message to the West for Putin should be that this calculation will not work. “We will support Ukraine,” he said Scholes. He is “very confident” it will succeed.

At an EU summit in Brussels last week, Scholz urged his partners to provide more military aid to Ukraine. He appealed primarily to economically strong countries such as Italy, Spain and France. According to Prime Minister Atal, France will continue to support Ukraine with money and technical and military equipment.

Donald Trump has been stirring up opposition to the law

Scholz plans to travel to Washington on Thursday to meet US President Joe Biden at the White House on Friday.

US senators passed a new $118 billion aid package on Sunday, including money for border security and billions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine and Israel. It is not known whether it will get a majority in the Congress.

Former US President Donald Trump He called on Republican members of Congress to vote against a bill that would have tied aid to Ukraine with better US border security. “Don't be stupid,” Trump pleaded with his party colleagues on his online site Truth Social. “We need a separate border and immigration law,” he wrote. It should not under any circumstances be “linked in any way to foreign aid”.

The $118.3 billion National Security Amendment includes $60 billion for Ukraine, $14.1 billion for Israel, $10 billion for emergency aid and $20.2 billion for border security. At the same time, the bill aims to change immigration policy. Among other things, the US president should be empowered to reject future asylum seekers if more than 5,000 people enter the country irregularly per week. Voting is expected from Wednesday.