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SWR Schlager is managed by Beatrice Egli

SWR Schlager is managed by Beatrice Egli

SWR Schlager – Die Show: It’s October 30th

Schlager fans should definitely mark this date in red on their calendar: On Saturday 30 October 2021 the second edition of “SWR Schlager – Die Show” 8:15 pm SWR . TV Broadcasting. The show will be run by Beatrice Egli (33 years old) again.

In addition to many wonderful guests and musical performances, the 90-minute show will once again include “Exciting Stories from the Lives of the Stars”. “It’s going to be hot, colorful, exclusive and very fun,” says the announcer.

Anticipation is increasing not only with fans, but also with Beatrice. The singer writes on Instagram: “I am very happy that ‘SWR Schlager – Die Show’ will enter the next round and I can lead the evening once again as a presenter.”

SWR Schlager – Die Show: These stars are out there

Also, the guest list is impressive. Several pop stars could already be seen this past Saturday at Florian Celebrities’ “SCHLAGERBOOM 2021”. This time Beatrice’s guest list includes DJ Otzi, Michelle, Ben Zucker, Bernhard Brink, Vincent Gross, Nick B. , Marian Rosenberg, and voXXclub.

But there was still one innovation: in the first program “SWR Schlager – Die Show” Beatrice Egli continues to have the support of co-moderator Alexander Klaus (38). However, this will not be around on October 30th. However, the reason for this is unknown.

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