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American rapper Macklemore stars on the first day of Frequency

American rapper Macklemore stars on the first day of Frequency

However, Canadian actor Ekkstacy was assigned to debut on the main stage, Space Stage. Sometimes, just after 2 p.m., with a bottle of gin in hand, he played his weary world to music. Anyway, heat stress wasn’t much of a stretch Thursday, with 28 degrees and 50 percent humidity being the general conditions. Canadian rapper BBNO$, short for “baby no money,” is still a little concerned about his audience. Unlike his predecessor, who relied on strong liquor, he drank the local mineral water and advised them to do the same: “Drink some water, don’t be upset.”

However, organizer Harry Jenner wasn’t worried, as he was still “sold out” during the day due to the rush at the box office, as he was able to report to the APA. Environment Minister Leonor Gössler (Grenz) also had good news, as he was present at the Traisen Festival for the first time as part of the Climate Ticket promotion, but not for too long: for the first time there is also the possibility to go home after the last concert thanks to the ÖBB – and from Friday to Sunday at 2.10am with another train to Vienna.

Reluctance’s start was pretty gritty when it came to switching genres: After a mid-level rapper in the afternoon, around 6 p.m., about two hours before sunset, German DJ Robin Schulz was the fourth act on Space Stage. His set, which pays homage to electronic dance music, was better suited to high-capacity disco after midnight – but in St. Polten he turned the main stage into one and let the beats buzz.

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At 7:00 p.m., it’s time to welcome the ’90s, at least in one of its musical forms, because American band Limp Bizkit opened the second half of day one and was one of the main representatives of the Nu Metal that was in the process of appearing at the date. There were many hits, and Fred Durst (52) wished them as festive as the one in 1999. It started with Oldies’ “Show Me What You Got” from that year. Meanwhile the white-bearded Durst rocked and whacked, while the usual black-and-white guitarist Wes Borland shrieked and criss-crossed his instrument—all resulting in an old-fashioned gig. Durst used song breaks for bizarre to somewhat offensive messages to the audience, which included questions about “boobies” and UFOs. Before “Rollin'” he asked people to dance the hole or wave their arms. He was “so blessed” as he said at the end of his performance.

Then he was followed by American rapper Macklemore, one of the frequent guests on the frequency, who this year – after his debut in 2005 – released only his third studio album “Ben”. With the words “I love fucking Austria,” he gave the audience roses and soon proved himself to be a talented artist. His style, skillfully settling in between a little rap and one foot on the dance floor, was popular, and his new hit “No Bad Days” off the current album showed the trend with his lyrics: “We just wanna stay up late, that’s right” – kicking off the party.

Putting a temporary end to this party was the task of the doctors. Her stage walk, scheduled for 11 pm, was just before that, instead of the usual start of the current tour called “Westerland”, there was “Shundersong”. The question wasn’t whether fun punk would still work for a young audience in 2023, but rather, “Is it still punk rock?” – according to the song of the same name. Punk three chords weren’t so rare in a row, but the more provocative early work of the band, founded some 40 years ago with charismatic frontman Varen Orlup, has stayed home. “Hip-hop hooray! Everything is better than it was then, ”the Berliners sang.

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It was no better before the first concerts, but at least it was “quiet and disciplined”, as the city’s police chief Franz Bauchler described the atmosphere in the area. Only “a few thefts” were recorded. On the first day of the festival, the Red Cross recorded 529 supplies and 21 transports of visitors to St. Polten University Hospital by midnight. It was stressed to consult emergency services mainly due to minor injuries, circulatory problems as well as insect bites.

The Red Cross recommended that visitors to the festival drink a sufficient amount of non-alcoholic beverages, wear a special hat during midday and noon hours, and not leave food or drink in the open “so as not to attract bees and wasps.” In the event of swelling after insect bites, the injured should immediately go to one of the helpers’ support points. Last but not least, sturdy shoes prevent injury to the foot or the other foot.

“Things are going well, and there are still a few of them arriving,” said Romana Schuster of the ÖAMTC a few hours before the first concerts. There is occasionally slow traffic on the motorway exits in the direction of the provincial capital of Lower Austria, but there were no traffic jams or problems at the start.

For three days of the festival without a break, after the last parties, the Night Garden opens again after midnight and invites you to dance. On Friday, he returned to the open area before Las Vegas rocker Imagine Dragons became the last act to leave the stage. And on Saturday, it was veteran Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren who put the crowd into a final trance.

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