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Sylvie just misses in a bra on a dinner date

  • In lingerie for dinner?
  • Few would dare to do that!
  • Selfie Miss did it

Sylvie Mays (44) always dazzles us with her sexy outfits. The former “Let’s Dance” presenter knows exactly how to put her body in the spotlight and proves it yet again with new photos on Instagram.

Bold look: Sylvie Mays just posed in a bra at dinner

On a dinner date in Paris with a friend, Sylvie Mays appeared in a black skirt with a huge leg slit and she also wore a bra like her in the video above a look. With a bold outfit Her breasts almost jump out.

Perhaps it is the Dutch woman’s appearance that is most eye-catching in the evening. The strapless bra perfectly accentuates the bust area. Is it getting hotter, my dear Sylvie? This question can be asked again and again with her revealing Instagram photos.

Also interesting:

She wears eye-catching makeup with her sexy dinner outfit. Bright lipstick, bulging eyes, and big silver earrings add to the blonde’s glamor.

“Last night of our final girls’ trip to Paris with a wonderful dinner.”, she writes on an Instagram post. Selfie Miss fans and fellow celebs are excited about the hot photos and express their admiration in the comments.

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