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Syndicate demands disclosure of the HAPC Ministry’s Code of Conduct – Politics

The economic policy spokeswoman for the CDU and CSU, Julia Klöckner, is calling for the consequences of the Graichen case. SPD also wants more control.

After announcing the dismissal of Minister of State for Energy Affairs Patrick Gration, the Union in the Bundestag demanded transparency from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. “We want the Ministry of Economy to see the structure of the internal compliance management system, the compliance principles and all relevant guidance,” said Julia Klöckner (CDU), economic policy spokeswoman for the union faction. world.

Furthermore, evidence is required as to when and in what periods of time Graichen in particular and at the level of department management participated in mandatory instructions on internal codes of conduct and procedures, Klöckner said. In addition, the former Federal Minister of Agriculture demanded that the “alleged planned tightening” be notified. Depending on Habeck’s willingness to cooperate, “other houses may also be asked for this.”

The call for more control comes from the parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Party. “There are already extensive compliance rules in the ministries, but their application must be closely monitored,” said Parliamentary Director General Johannes Fechner. world. “We must check whether there is a full pension in the event of a transfer to retirement if the transfer is due to gross misconduct.” It was correct that the Minister of Economy Robert Habeck (Green Party) had sacked his foreign minister. This settles the matter.

Habeck announced the resignation of his foreign minister, Gretchen, on Wednesday after he failed to adequately separate private and professional lives in two understandable cases.

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