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Tabu - taboo |  Review in Stormbringer

Tabu – taboo | Review in Stormbringer

Kind of out of this world. danish team Muharram It consists of singers Christopher you will changewho also leads the band HERO, and guitarist Ken Hammer, a music lover as a founding member of “Nice maids“You will know. But the singer is no stranger either! Christopher you will change He made a big name for himself with his band HERO. Make endless shows and conquer them Graphs in Japan. After two great music tracks the flamesAnd the bleeding And the Learn to breathe Released, it’s time for a full album. It’s time for new ideas and new musical worlds.

Thus, two seasoned artists teamed up and produced a pop-rock album that looks very different from what was expected.

At the beginning of September, the Danes released their first album “Muharram‘, which is just a very musical and heavy sound hooks edges. The words crawl right into your ear and create sounds so fresh that you get goosebumps. Muharram Learn how timeless pop rock is produced between heaven, moon and earth. And that’s how they tell the stories in their music videos, and that’s how the images are drawn into their songs. The album looks very catchy and introduces pop rock from other fields.

You can hear it Muharram Above: between the abyss and the ascent. It’s a tightrope musical walk amidst a kind of drunkenness, love and the unknown.

Singer’s voice Christopher you will change He is simply timeless, he knows how to take his listeners and fans with him through thick and thin. It doesn’t matter where. Sad, in love, alive, fragile, then strong as ever. A pulsating cycle unfolds in eleven songs.

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Hard rock fans don’t get their money here. A high-quality pop album with a touch of hard rock is waiting for you. if “No taboo” I mean conquer the pop type, they have brains Muharram Clearly won. They set no limits for themselves: one person’s grief is another’s grief.