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Talent Show in St. Polten – Five Talents in the Next Round

Talent Show in St. Polten – Five Talents in the Next Round

Tension was written on the faces of some St. Polten artists. A nervous silence surrounds the new St. Polten Acting venue upon entry. Andy Marek went on a talent hunt in the state capital at the newly opened Raiffeisencorner’s Corner. Many candidates realized that tension was often unnecessary after Marek’s quiet welcome words. “I’m not trying to embarrass anyone. I want to become more of a coach and advisor,” explains Marek. The coordinator is also happy to help if a candidate stumbles on a song line and sings.

Among the many candidates in St. Polten, the female singers in particular managed to impress them this time. Hannah Baumgartner managed to almost move the jury to tears with a song she wrote herself about her grandmother. In addition to Baumgartner, Astrid Ziegelwagner and Julia Nicodim also managed to impress their musicians. But the best musical performance came from Marilyn Welving. The guitarist performed an original piece of music and recorded the entire song in a live loop. Welving proves, like Ed Sheeran, that you can make beautiful music without a band. “What you do is really cool and unique. Your voice also convinces me a lot,” Marek is excited.

In addition to the four musicians, 13-year-old Emilio Brumbach managed to secure a place on the next tour. The young juggler was impressed by some of his daring stunts and acrobatics.