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Taiwan: Macron renews his statements and calls for unity

Taiwan: Macron renews his statements and calls for unity

French President Emmanuel Macron once again emphasized France’s independence in the debate on Taiwan policy. “Being an ally does not mean being a follower,” Macron said in Amsterdam today, referring to the United States. The president stressed that France “has the right to think for ourselves.” After a series of statements he made on the Taiwan dispute, Macron also stressed the united position of France and Europe.

Macron: Protecting European unity against China

Macron said that both of them are interested in the status quo and a peaceful solution to the issue, and the position is consistent. It is about protecting Europe’s unity towards China and ensuring a unified approach by the EU. However, France does not support any provocations regarding Taiwan and stands for clarity and respect. Before his visit to China, he exchanged views on the issue with US President Joe Biden.

On the return flight from China, Macron said in an interview: “The worst thing is to think that we Europeans should be footmen on this issue and adapt to the American rhythm and the Chinese overreaction.” It would be a trap for the Europeans if you fell into external crises at a time when one’s strategic position was being made clear. Then Europe threatens to be a vassal between the United States and China, although one of them could be a third pole.

Root: “Europe should not be a playground, it should be a player”

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte agreed to Macron’s call for more strategic European sovereignty. “Europe should not be a playing field, it should be a player,” Rutte said. Europe must become less dependent, including China, when it comes to high-quality raw materials and technology.

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Europe must also have a clear geopolitical voice, particularly on Europe’s green and digital goals. But at the same time, Rutte emphasized that this was not a weakness of the alliance with the United States. Europe is a reliable and strong ally of the United States. “The transatlantic link is essential.”