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Where are the children Doubts about birth in South Africa «

Where are the children Doubts about birth in South Africa «

The newspaper, quoting the husband, stated that the official confirmation was not yet available.

1.35pm, June 9, 2021


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A report on the alleged birth of 10 children to a 37-year-old woman is causing public concern in South Africa. The government expressed its astonishment and asked for clarification after the newspaper “Pretoria News” reported in a special story, quoting the husband. Gosiame Thamara Sithole, who is already a mother of twins, She is said to have given birth to the babies late Monday night by caesarean section at an unnamed hospital in Pretoria.

She is from the town of Tembisa Husband Tibogo Tsotsetsi told the newspaper that his wife gave birth to three girls and seven boys. So she was seven months and seven days pregnant at the time of delivery and had a hard time behind her. Initially she was given the prospect of the six-twins until more babies were discovered in the womb.

It was initially not possible to conduct an independent review of the information provided by the newspaper of the IOL Media Group. The head of GCIS, Pumla Williams, wrote on the SMS service Twitter that her department had spent Tuesday searching for the woman and children to no avail.

The mayor of Ekuhurleni, in which the town identified by the newspaper is located, made a similar statement and asked the media group to provide specific information about this family. The newspaper had indicated in its report that it had spoken to the family a month ago, but had waited until after the birth to publish it at their request.

If the information about the birth is officially confirmed, it will be a record. The last time a woman from Mali gave birth to nine children was in May, but they are still required to receive medical care for up to three months. Many babies often do not survive because they are usually born prematurely.

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