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Journalist who returned to the United States after 6 months in Myanmar

Danny Fenster, an American journalist who was convicted in Myanmar and released from prison, has returned home. The return home was unbelievable, Fenster said when he arrived in New York on Tuesday. The return surpasses “everything I could have imagined”. Fenster spent almost six months in prison in Myanmar.

Fenster was sentenced last week to eleven years in prison. The editor of the online magazine “Frontier Myanmar” has been accused of spreading false or annoying information. He violated visa regulations by contacting illegal organizations.

Shortly before his sentence, the American knew he had been charged with further violations, for which he may have received a life sentence.

He is one of more than 100 journalists and other media representatives arrested by the military in Myanmar since the overthrow of Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government in February.


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Fenster was handed over to former US diplomat Bill Richardson on Monday, who is in talks to release him.

Fenster was arrested at Yangon International Airport in May.

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