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Targeting height |

Targeting height |

The championship title in the OÖ-Liga should be just an intermediate step: the LASK women play two relegation matches to be promoted to the second Bundesliga. The first step will be taken against the Carinthian champions of Oberglan on Sunday (3pm) at Raiffeisen Arena in Pasching, and the following Saturday they go to Breeding (Styria).

“We’ve had an excellent season, and now we really want to enter the second Bundesliga with two wins,” said captain Katharina Meyer. The club paves the way for the first step against Oberglan. “We play the game like a men’s Bundesliga match,” said managing director Andreas Bruttel. “We expect 700 to 1,000 spectators.” 200 raucous fans attended the victory in the Austrian Women’s Upper Cup final against Niebelberg (3:0). Meyer: “The support has been excellent, and it gives me goosebumps.”

Coach Lisa Zenner is no longer part of the game. Her contract was previously terminated. “Things did not go well between the team and the coach,” Brutil said. In the relegation period, former goalkeeper coach David Stemmer will coach him on a temporary basis. Oberglan lost the first home relegation match 1:2 against Breeding.

Girls Academy

In the longer term, LASK women will break into the first Bundesliga, with Greiner AG supporting it as a “leading partner”. “It is important to support women’s football in the community and place it on the same level as men’s football,” explained CEO Axel Koner. The club takes this into account. In the summer, LASK expands its academy to include girls’ soccer.

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With a 5:2 win in the junior final against Polgargymnasium Wien, SMS Lambach took third place in the girls’ soccer league.