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Taucher and Legner are expanding their collection of titles.

Taucher and Legner are expanding their collection of titles.

While Tusher was victorious in singles in Türkiye, Legner won his 275th doubles title in Kanto.

Together with Christina Piesendorfer, Nico Langmann, Maximilian Tuscher and Martin Legner, four professional wheelchair tennis players from ÖTV took part again in Turkey and Italy.

Maximilian Tuscher maintained his unbeaten record in the junior competitions at the Kemal Sahin Cup in Turkey, and won the individual tournament, beating Australians Jane Woodman and Benjamin Wenzel, and achieved his third victory in the individual tournament in 2024.

Meanwhile, Austria's top player, Nico Langmann, played in the men's competition on the same court. After a confident first round, Langmann met top seeded Chilean, Alexandre Cataldo, and showed a very good performance against the current No. 12 seed in the ITF World Rankings, but was forced to concede defeat 4:6, 6:4, 0:6.

In the Italian Canto, Martin Ligner won the doubles title in the Trofeo di Citta Cantu 5 tournament with his partner Enrique Messegüer (ESP), celebrating the 275th doubles title in his career so far. In singles, Legner had to defer to his doubles partner in the quarterfinals.

Austrian national champion Christina Piesendorfer reached the semi-finals in both the singles and doubles competitions, thus collecting important points once again for the upcoming Paralympic Games in Paris.

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