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2-1 home win against SV Red

2-1 home win against SV Red

2-1 home win against SV Red

For Sunday morning, Vienna welcomed SV Red in the 26th round of the ADMIRAL II League. In an exciting match, the Dubliners narrowly won 2-1.

Against Reed, Vienna had to do without Christoph München and Daniel Luxbacher, who were both injured in the last match. The match began shortly after kick-off with an initial stoppage because referee Geminer had to adjust his contact lenses again.

A good start for the home team

In the beginning, Vienna repeatedly felt a good lead in front of the visitors' goal. Boateng had the greatest opportunity in the first half after he struggled for the ball on the halfway line and raced towards the Ryder goal. Two defenders from Upper Austria shortened the angle. The pass to Byham can still be blocked.

In the 13th minute, Boateng came out again after a long ball. The Vienna striker ran alone at goalkeeper Leitner and gave Vienna a 1-0 lead.

Ryder got his first chance

After a foul in the build-up to the game, the Raiders had their first scoring opportunity. But Steiner was on the post and managed to turn the ball onto the crossbar. The Raiders then made their way in front of Vienna's goal, but so far they have not been able to create any scoring chances. But in the 25th minute the time came. A pass found Gross in the middle, and Rieder fired into the far corner to ensure the Upper Austria side's equaliser.

Answer in a few moments

It didn't take long for Vienna to ask, and shortly after the start of the second half, Noah Bischoff scored for the Dubliners with a brilliant long shot. After taking the lead again, Vienna repeatedly showed good attacking moments. In the 31st minute, Bischoff sent a pass to Boateng, who was waiting in the middle. His shot for a corner kick was cleared by two Raiders. The resulting angle once again created danger. Omerović headed the ball towards the far corner of the Austrian team, but a defender cleared the ball off the goal line.

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Nothing changed in the score until the end of the first half. The Blue-Yellow team entered the end of the first half with a 2-1 lead.

Tensions remain high

Neither team made any substitutions in the first half. Vienna got off to a strong start again. The Döblingers had the first chance in the 47th minute. Sanogo shot the ball from distance but his shot went over the goal. The Raiders had their first chance in the 50th minute. Volmuth tested Giuliani at the short post but the Vienna goalkeeper was on the post.

Opportunities on both sides

It took until the 62nd minute for the next good chance. Another dangerous pass from Ryder inside the Vienna penalty area. Gross' shot wasn't a problem for Giuliani. Vienna won a free kick in the 70th minute after a foul on Stratznig outside the penalty area. Steiner lofted the ball over the visitors' goal. There was a moment of shock in the 73rd minute when a confident Giuliani fired a long-range shot that briefly bounced and the follow-up shot went into the net, but fortunately Ryder was offside.

Vienna needed until the 79th minute to make the first change, with Kitenge replacing Boateng. In the end, Vienna took the lead confidently and were able to secure all three points at the Hohe Warte Stadium.

First Vienna 1894 vs SV Reed 2:1 (2:1)

Admiral League Two, Round 26
Sunday, May 5, 2024 at 10:30 am
Naturerina Hohe Wart, 2,302 spectators

Gates: 1:0 Boateng (13th), 1:1 Gross (25th), 2:1 Bishop (27th)

Vienna: Giuliani, Steiner, Sanogo, Luxbacher B, Byham (90 + 4 Abazovic), Bombek, Omirovich, Boateng (79 Keating), Bischoff, Bauer, Stratzneg.

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