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Teasers, Trailers and Tik Tok Playhouse |

As an extension of social media and to activate new target groups, teasers and trailers are becoming increasingly important in theater. The same applies to social media, which in some cases forms part of the development of the piece.

“Do a duet with Dr. Krukowski. You’re Hans Castorp and brand new at Berghof Sanatorium on the Magic Mountain.” So far, it’s pretty clear — the instructions Burgtheater left on his TikTok account. In this way, users are required to enter a split screen from the protagonist’s perspective Thomas Mannes “Magic Mountain” to interact with the Doctor – Custom text lanes are displayed in a blue bar for ease of use.

It’s all part of a “Magic Mountain movie” running parallel to Bastian Kraft’s production of the novel (premiere: January 28), which aims to break new ground. The responsible team cannot yet predict how many of these videos will appear from the new theater community recruited via the app. Anyway, TikTok’s stage score should celebrate its own premiere on February 3 on the homepage. The first flyers had already arrived, so Will KeinenUsernamen ignored the requirement with somewhat half-humour and reacted to Castorp’s medical assistance as the pizza delivery boy who accidentally got into the situation.

new requirements

According to Anne Aschenbrenner, the actors and actresses in the play were “broke” when they watched this “Magic Mountain Took” improvisation together.