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Tekken 8: A new gameplay trailer has been released

Tekken 8: A new gameplay trailer has been released

A new story and gameplay trailer for Tekken 8 was shown at the 2022 Game Awards. There is no release date yet.

The nice thing about Tekken’s story is that it’s very consistent. It is actually about a fighting tournament, but in this tournament, everyone is hating on each other. Especially in the Kazama/Mishima family, they still don’t have hay on the same stage. Jin hates his father Kazuya Mishima, who in turn hates his father Heihachi and his son and in all of this hustle and bustle is still Jin’s mother, who is somehow trying to steer everything in the right direction.

And actually, the story is pretty bad, because in Tekken 8, like the previous titles, it’s all about one thing: giving each other a good kick.

Beating in pretty

Real golden times await fans of fighting games. Tekken 8 comes with an incredibly beautiful look that stays true to the style of Tekken games to date. Colorful explosions are still part of the experience, which will be expanded with several visual updates. Battle phases literally fly around the protagonists’ ears as they unload their most powerful moves. Also no wonder Tekken 8 looks amazing since it is being developed in Unreal Engine 5. You can already see their power at the moment in Fortnite a fan.

The heroes already described include some fan favorites. Currently confirmed are:

  • Jin Kazama
  • Kazuya Mishima
  • Paul Phoenix
  • king
  • Law
  • Lars
  • Jack 8
  • John Kazama

Above all, Jun Kazama’s announcement sparked excitement among fans. Most recently she was playable in the Tekken Revolution spin-off, in the main game You Have to Go Back: In Tekken 2 she was last represented in the list of fighters.

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When will Tekken 8 be released?

Although Jun Kazama’s announcement is a source of great joy, Tekken players are a little upset that no release date has been announced with the new trailer as well. It is currently expected in the second half of 2023, but it is also possible that Tekken 8 will not be released until 2024.

A Tekken 8 release between April-July 2023 would also make sense, and then you’ll have enough room compared to direct competitor Street Fighter 6, which will be released on June 2, 2023, and will appear before the next big EVO. Speaking of EVO: EVO Japan will be held at the end of March. Then you can expect more information about Tekken 8 at the latest.

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