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Temporary injunction denied: Next round in Qatar Zoff in Bavaria Munich

Temporary injunction denied: Next round in Qatar Zoff in Bavaria Munich

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Next tour in Qatar Zoff Bavaria Munich

Written by Stefan Orsfeld and Justin Kraft

Controversial sponsorship request with Qatar Airways is causing problems ahead of Bayern Munich’s annual general meeting. The association has not decided on admission yet. “Delay tactics,” the applicant says and wants to impose an injunction — to no avail.

According to information, the Munich District Court has rejected an injunction from a FC Bayern member in the run-up to the next annual general meeting. Member Michael Ott wanted to force approval of an application for next Thursday. The Mainz-based person wanted to apply to allow the controversial advertising contract between the German football club and Qatar Airways to expire. OT will now file a complaint against the refusal.

The trainee lawyer in Mainz Ott has been a member of the association since 2007. Bayern Munich did not respond to his request despite the deadline being set. In response to the BR’s request, the union announced that it had not yet moved to examine the request. It was announced on November 11th. Other incoming requests will now be checked. The other party considers this a false argument.

Andreas Hüttl, who represents Ott on the matter as a lawyer, tells “The Munich District Court’s decision goes against the constitutional principle of effective legal protection in a way that shocks us.” It can be permanently undermined therefore, it must be rectified in the complaints procedure.”


  • Justin Kraft is a freelance writer and blogger at
  • Born in 1993 through Gilles Kahn, she got in touch with FC Bayern Munich.
  • football socially withJill Lamsteiger’, he even gifted him a book bearing her name in 2019.
  • He is a supporter of the Qatar Michael Ott app.

The Munich District Court rejected the application not because of problems with the content, but on the grounds that it anticipated the main issue. The application can also be submitted at one of the upcoming annual general meetings. However, it also means: Bayern Munich can extend the contract with Qatar Airways, which runs until 2023, at any time in advance and allow all other requests to fail.

Training camp in Qatar since 2011

With the app, which has found wide acceptance in the Munich fan scene, supporters want to take “preventive measures” to prevent a new sponsorship contract being concluded after the current one expires in 2023. She said in a letter from critical fans that the emirate stands on the side of gross human rights abuses, and there are Also serious allegations of corruption in sports.

Byrne partnered with Qatar Airways in 2018. The company is 100 percent owned by Qatar. A state with which Bayern Munich has had good relations for a long time. The record champions have traveled to boot camp in Qatar since 2011 and sponsored the desert state airport in 2015.

Former CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge recently responded calmly to fans’ protests against the partnership with the 2022 World Cup host. Fans also took their discontent to the stadium. “Bayern Munich has a partnership with Qatar Airways, and I’ve never been a Pharisee, if I may put it that way. We got good money from this contract,” Rummenigge said in an interview with WDR about the contract. 20 million euros annually. In addition, Rummenigge noted the significant improvements the state had made with regard to human rights and labor rights. However, a recent AI report only recently indicated that this improvement has stalled.

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