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Tesla Allows Full Autonomous Driving in the USA

Tesla Allows Full Autonomous Driving in the USA

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Tesla has in the United States Trial version for him “Full Autonomous Driving – Modus (FSD) open. With the update to the software version 2021.32.22 This can now be activated with the push of a button. A security check is performed in advance.

Activating the FSD button allows Tesla to monitor and analyze driving behavior. It is driving behavior 7 days For a long time, you can access the beta program, as Elon Musk explained a few days ago on Twitter. for him safety value (degree of safety) via the Tesla app.

Assuming safe driving

Tesla Sea The security value is disabled 5 parameters Specified: Collision warnings per 1,000 miles, emergency braking, extreme acceleration, driving too close, forced shutdown of autopilot. The calculation formula should be based on 6 billion Kilometers driven by Teslas.

If you have proven yourself a fit for the FSD button, you will receive a notification that you must focus your attention on the road. Both hands should remain on the steering wheel. “FSD Beta does not make my car self-driving,” Tesla wrote in a warning. If you want to use the program, you either have to do it once 10,000 dollars or monthly From $100 to $200 Pay.

Criticism from the US authorities

This is also necessary because Tesla’s autopilot is currently in the United States formal investigation will. In addition, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has been critical of the range of area-wide services that FSD provides in the USA. Compared with the The Wall Street Journal NTSB chief Jennifer Homedy said core security issues need to be addressed beforehand. FSD has led many people to misuse or misuse the technology.

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In the past there were always accidents because people careless at the wheel While the autopilot was active. had some fell drunk, ahron He didn’t even sit in the driver’s seat. According to Homendy, the “full self-driving” mode is misleading because, despite the caveats, it gives the impression that it is self-driving.