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Tesla Model Y, 215 VW ID in the United States. In Lower Saxony>

Little by little, police officers around the world are discovering the benefits of electric cars, which, according to previous experience in the United States, cover lower overall costs. With this argument, the Sheriff’s Office for Boulder County in the US state of Colorado has now purchased the Tesla Model Y. In Germany, on the other hand, Tesla does not appear to be used in law enforcement – but police in Lower Saxony have now ordered 215 electric cars from domestic production.

Tesla Model 3 proven by US Police

Police in Boulder said this week they received a white Tesla model Y Long Range. It is to be tested as a patrol car, so called In a message It is very clear that Tesla cars are seen by many as luxury goods, the Sheriff’s Office explains. But in recent years they have changed significantly at affordable prices. The specifications of the Model Y are comparable to the Ford SUV currently in use, but it offers “exceptional safety, performance and reliability”.

In fact, Teslas has some advantages in the police service, as shown in Pagersville, the US small town that bought the Model 3 in 2019. There The electric car does not save money, But is also well received by citizens, their employer said a year later. In addition, an almost quiet movement can be useful to start openly. And when it comes to acceleration almost every Tesla is superior to almost every normal car.

The same cannot be said of Volkswagen ID series electric cars, but they are now used by the police as well – even on a large scale. Lower Saxony Police 215 VW ID3, The manufacturer announced on Monday. According to the customer, this will triple the number of electric cars in the Lower Saxony police station. The new ID3 is “neutral”, meaning for public use – the blue light comes on the roof only when needed. In addition, 175 Passat GTEs are to be added to the current fleet of 160 plug hybrids. According to VW, the contract was awarded after a tender across Europe.

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VW electric car ID. Relatively slowly

Communication did not reveal what variant of this small electric car. The largest of them In terms of range it can almost keep up with the Tesla Model 3 LR. When it comes to acceleration, things look different – the fast ID.3 requires 7.3 seconds to 100 kilometers per hour, and after 5.6 seconds this speed is a little Tesla on the Model 3 Standard Plus. VW ID.3 also completes at 160 km / h, while Teslas reaches at least 225 km / h.

However, not all police cars are used for car chase by any means, for which such values ​​play a role. According to Volkswagen, some of the IDs ordered now. Designed for the Lower Saxony Police Academy – and they are less likely to be in a hurry than officers on the road.