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Slalom girls with homework on luggage going to America

Austria’s Slalom women did not finish in the top five in Levy’s doubles division for the next World Cup station in Killington, but with homework in their luggage. Racing director Christian Mitter saw mixed performance and error-causing drivers, as well as a lack of speed. In the United States it is not a concern even if there is not much time until the next race on the weekend and only one day of training.

Slovakia Petra Vlova won both races ahead of Americans Michael Schiffrin and German Lena Dur, while World Cup winner and world champion Katrina Lionsberger was sixth and eighth, certainly far below expectations. In the second race Katrina Troop finished ninth and Katrina Hooper finished tenth with her red-white-red pack.

“It was less than expected, we’m not sure what we wanted to be. On the other hand, I know what it was like two years ago, if it’s three out of ten, you’re half satisfied. Thank God, we now have runners who are not satisfied with that, and we do not improve. Should, “said Mitter. You have to look at the lines “but we have not shown any power worthy” separately.

Linesberger was so prone to error that she was not used to it. “But I’m not worried,” the female boss promised. Considering Vlhova’s sovereignty and Schiffrin’s strong performance, he said: “We can now better categorize what Katrina achieved last year. They are both great at skiing, she won them. But it was in the past.”

The Vorarlberg woman explained on Sunday that “areas felt better”, but it was not yet stable enough. “Both races didn’t go that way. Last year I was always at a high level. You should know that skiing at such a high level is so demanding. It’s so awesome that Mika and Petra are showing it now. It should work well.”

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The interval above – 1.28 seconds on Saturday, 1.64 on Sunday – is very high. “I know there were good sections, but in some sections I did not show that I could.” Although Troop and Huber finally compromised away from Levy, this also applies to other SV runners. “I was worried on Saturday. I’m glad things are moving forward and we’ll take it with us,” Trope said.

The Carinthians look forward to the steep terrain of Killington, Levi, with flat areas. “We’re all looking forward to it a little more. I think we’re going to strike more. The season is still long, and we do not need to worry about that yet.” Hooper also accumulates positive forces after the start. “We know where we are now, and now we have to work to make sure we’re not eighth, ninth, tenth, but still advanced.”

You can’t do much in front of Gillington because there will be nothing left inside the house except a day of training next to the ride and race track, Mitter said. “We will continue to work and not have to try to find anything outside the slope. The truth is in decline. The truth is, we are not in slalom right now.” But in Slalom you make a good swing, and in Giant Slalom you perform better, he noted.

The strongest in Slalom was undoubtedly Vlov, who made a change in position. “It’s tall and in good condition. If you release it at the right time you will get traction on the ski. It’s very difficult to bend it like this. She has the strength and nerves. Slovak said that with the new coach came “something new, different” that “helped a lot”. “I have a lot of energy and a lot of self-confidence to keep going.”

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