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Test against SKN St.Pölten – FC Blau-Weiß Linz

Test against SKN St.Pölten – FC Blau-Weiß Linz

FC Blau-Weiß Linz was tested against second division side SKN St. Pölten at Hofmann’s personal stadium during the international break. The match took place behind closed doors.

Head coach Gerald Schebelner made four changes to the starting lineup. Brandner, Orlaub, Windhager and Dupras played from the beginning. In the beginning, the match was very equal and saw only a few scoring chances for both teams. The visitors’ first shot on target came in the 26th minute from Test player Johannes Tartarotti and went straight into the goal of No. 1 Nicola Schmid. Turbulent minutes followed. Both teams were unable to control the ball. In the 40th minute, Christian Dobras took a free kick, but it hit the wall directly. Overall the match was very heated, and both teams did nothing for each other. In the 42nd minute there was a short scuffle between the players because Schutz No. 20 of St. Pölten hit the ball with all force in Windhager’s face. After a short break, he collects himself and continues. The first half passed without extra time.

Schebelhner made six substitutions at the start of the second half. Dobras, Urlaub, Windhager, Maranda, Pirkl, Krainz and Schmid left the match. Geschtmann, Ronivaldo, Seidel, Koch, Jules, Houdom and Chantel were new to this field. The guests also brought in five new players. In the second half, our team’s performance in the match improved and it was able to control the ball better. There was a long interruption in the 51st minute due to the presence of the guest team player, Thomas Alexiev, on the ground, screaming. Unfortunately, that seemed like a more serious injury. We wish you a speedy recovery at this stage! After this medical break, the St. Pölten team found its way into the match better and better. In the 59th minute, Rio Nita shot past Felix Gshosmann, but he blocked it. Just a minute later, Joel Dombaksi made it 0-2. The Blue and Whites then threw it all in the balance to score the next goal. In the 71st minute, Ronivaldo tried, but unfortunately the ball went over the goal. Gerald Scheppelhner’s team has not yet been able to create any truly dangerous chances. In the 81st minute, our number 20 player, Simon Siddle, scored the next goal. Unfortunately, the blue and white were unable to equalize. In stoppage time, St. Pölten got another free kick, but it went over the goal. From FC Blau-Weiß Linz’s point of view, the match ends with a score of 1:2.

“The first half was a very mediocre performance. We played very inaccurately when we had the ball, made a lot of mistakes and didn’t have any chances to score. I’m happy with the performance we put in in the second half, even if the result was disappointing in the end. However, “It was a test match and we knew that already. Now we will enjoy the break until Monday and then we will quickly head towards Lustenau and finally try to celebrate our first home win with the fans,” said coach Gerald Scheppelhner.

Next competitive match

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Our next home match against Austria Lustenau will be on October 21 at 5pm. Tickets can be purchased online from our ticket shop.

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