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Bayern Munich: Leon Goretzka announces his future decision Sports

Bayern Munich: Leon Goretzka announces his future decision Sports

Clear words from Leon Goretzka (28)!

In the past few weeks there has been frequent speculation about a possible change for the Bayern Munich star. In an interview with Sport 1, the midfielder debunked the rumors. He is clearly committed to record champions.

Goretzka: “I don’t have any other plans than to stay at Bayern Munich! We have big plans for next year, Joe (Kimmich; editor’s note) said it very aptly after the Ukraine match.”

And further: “We have already joked here with Marc-Andre ter Stegen. He told us that they are very happy at Barcelona because we are still champions. As a result, they are not in a Champions League tie with us.”

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Source: Bild / Reuters

A clear commitment to Bayern Munich. Goretzka also makes a definite statement when looking back on Munich’s turbulent season.

Former Schalke player: “You have to divide the season into two parts. The first section was very good, the second section was bad and it cannot be accepted like this. We have to blame for that. But if you look at our performance in the Champions League, we had a very good season Until the end against Manchester City.”

Goretzka explains: “I miss it a bit in hindsight, if I’m honest, because we played against great teams and had some really great evenings. Unfortunately, we lost everything against City in 20-30 minutes and were properly eliminated in the end.”

Goretzka is still under contract with Bayern Munich until 2026, and after fluctuations in performance, he has become a target for criticism. Sky expert Didi Hamann (49), for example, called it “the disappointment of the season”.

Although Goretzka wants to stay, inside selling is not ruled out!

If coach Thomas Tuchel, 49, approaches him in conversation and tells the national player he has little chance of a permanent place next season, there could be a move. Recently, Goretzka has not been left out and has not been in the starting line-up in two of the last three league matches.

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