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Test students’ saliva for corona:

Test yourself: Salam Abul-Zak (left) and Festay Yusufzai, one of the first students to be tested at Stowner High School, provide a saliva sample. Photo: Derje Brinkadel

The first mass test of students on a large scale will take place at Stowner in Oslo. Students now hope to be more in school.


Stowner, east of Oslo, is one of the most affected districts in Oslo, and has been described as a “hub” for epidemics in the capital. Infectious stress is high for a long time, and it is difficult to deal with.

Festay Yusufzai, 17, was one of the students who tested himself Wednesday at Stowner High School. He believes digital teaching will be less as a result of mass testing.

– Now it will be much easier for students to test us. Hopefully there will be more schooling in the future, and less digital teaching.

The 19-year-old hopes that the number of epidemics in the district will soon decrease so that students can get back to a normal daily life. Stowner, with the exception of Grud, is the most contagious district in Oslo. Infectious specialty in the capital Most in 16-19 year olds.

– It is sad to hear that we have a lot of infections among young people. Now I hope many people check themselves often and they keep the distance.

Yusufzai says he experiences that more and more young people are not taking the infection seriously.

– We are the reason for the increase in infection in Oslo, it is not without reason. Yusufzai says we can improve infection control and students should now see the severity of the situation.

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Easy: Take the test kit home and test it there before students go to school. Photo: Derje Brinkadel

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Simple test

The test kit consisted of a test tube, a laboratory tube and an alcohol cloth that students could take home. They have to spit it out before taking it to school the next day. Students will also need to download an application to register. The answers come just like the usual answers for corona tests.

City Councilor Raymond Johansson (Labor) and School Councilor Inga Marte Thorkildsen (SV) attended the first test day. The Oslo Municipality is responsible for mass testing of students and teachers at the school.

– If the mass test here is successful, we will publish this to other schools as well. Johansson tells VG that it’s urgent to get this in the right place.

The mass test is a pilot project from the municipality that will last for seven weeks. School councilor Inga Martே Thorkiltson (SV) says many high schools in Oslo have announced they would like a similar program as Stowner.

Satisfaction: City Councilor Raymond Johansson (Labor) is pleased they have conducted mass tests for high school students. He hopes this will reduce the number of epidemics among young people in the capital. Photo: Derje Brinkadel

Many are afraid

The aim is to prevent the spread of the disease and to ensure that schools in the capital remain open.

– Many stay away from school for fear. I am aware that employees are increasingly feeling insecure due to the mutated virus. I think this will create more security, says Thorkiltson.

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He believes the mass test will detect the disease earlier in the districts than before and prevent major explosions in schools.

– Then schools can be placed in a very low level of activity.

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Further measures: Mass testing, corona hosts and teams of health workers to help the school prevent infection, the school councilor Inga Marte Thorkiltsen (SV) says the municipality hopes to reduce the incidence among students. Photo: Derje Brinkadel

New activities

Yesterday, the Oslo municipality was still introduced Acute measures as a result of increasing infection, Which refers to a number of restrictions for children and youth.

According to Norwegian and history teacher Ole Christian Highstell, the school is now able to carry out the test.

– We are a school with a lot of epidemics in a district. We have many conscientious objectors staying at home, but there are many hidden infections and asymptomatic carriers. If it can reveal some hidden infection, it’s very good for us, says Highcell

Currently More: City Councilor Raymond Johansson hopes the seven-week pilot program will be a success. The municipality will develop a similar program in several schools in Oslo. Photo: Derje Brinkadel