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Thanks to the negative pressure, leaky water cooling systems should not cause damage anymore

Thanks to the negative pressure, leaky water cooling systems should not cause damage anymore

Aqua Computer made an interesting addition to water cooling circuits. It bears the name Leakshield and is intended to prevent water leakage and, when in doubt, destroy devices that cost several thousand euros. According to the manufacturer, an optimally calculated negative pressure is created in the cooling system. “In the event of a leak, only air is sucked into the cooling system.”

This is claimed to work even with large leaks, for example with broken acrylic glass components or rigid tubes. According to Aqua Computer, an integrated vacuum pump activates in milliseconds and maintains negative pressure. Part of the protection system is a “high-precision” sensor that indicates even the smallest leaks. As promised by the manufacturer, this should allow countermeasures to be taken at a very early stage. “Ideally before the system fills up with coolant.”

In the press release before us, the Germans are confident. “Aqua Computer assumes that systems without this technology will not meet the technology standards in the future,” she says. Aqua Computer shows how well Leakshield does in an interesting one Youtube video. There, for example, holes are drilled in the cooling hoses. If you want to be patient, PCGH will also publish a test this week.

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Wakü Leakshield Leakshield Leak Protection costs at least 120 euros

Leakshield was developed for Aqua Computer’s Ultitube expansion tanks, but must also work with expansion tanks from other manufacturers via an adapter assembly. According to the manufacturer, all components are integrated into the cap of the expansion tank, with power supply and control via USB. The device also has an OLED display and a power button.

“An outlet can be connected to the power button on the main board and turn off the computer in the event of a leak. In this case, the device also has an audible and visual alarm.” In addition, it has been reported that the device can accurately determine the fill level in the expansion tank and absorb coolant into the system for the filling process. Venting during operation, which is considered difficult, is simplified by special vacuum cycles. The Leakshield is also controlled via the manufacturer’s “Aquasuite software,” which provides visualizations, charts and email alerts, among other things.

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Aqua Computer confirms that Leakshield is produced in Germany and immediately available. While the alternative to the Ultitube expansion tank Cost 119.90 EURSomeone calls the standalone version to work with other expansion tanks 139.90 euros.

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