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The 2022 cost cap is being adhered to by all teams

The 2022 cost cap is being adhered to by all teams

( – The FIA ​​has announced that all 10 Formula 1 teams have complied with the cost cap in 2022 and that none of them will be sanctioned.

All Formula 1 teams have been given the go-ahead for funding in 2022

Thus, each team will receive a Certificate of Compliance for the cost cap between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022, which amounts to a base amount of $135 million plus additional fees.

The activities of individual teams outside of Formula 1 were also studied in detail as part of the review. Field visits were also made.

However, no infringement has been found, although there has been controversy in the past about teams using technical branches to support their Formula 1 projects. This loophole has now been closed.

Nor were any procedural violations reported – for example in connection with incorrect cost adjustment or incorrect submission of required documents. At the start of the season there were rumors of teams breaking the regulations.

The FIA ​​talks about “rigorous testing procedures”

The governing body stated: “The FIA’s Cost Cap Department issued Certificates of Compliance to all 10 competitors. The review was an intensive and comprehensive process that began with a detailed analysis of the documents submitted by the competitors.”

In addition, all non-Formula 1 team activities were scrutinized, which included multiple field visits to team facilities and comprehensive audit procedures to assess financial compliance.

“The FIA’s Cost Limit Management notes that all competitors acted in good faith and in cooperation throughout the process.”

There have been two kicks in the past year

Last year, Red Bull cost about $1.8 million, which is a small overrun (less than five percent of the total value of the cost cap).

Last year’s review also fined Aston Martin $450,000 for a procedural breach related to the cost adjustment of the company’s new Silverstone base.

Of the violations identified in the regulations, the “material overspending breach” is the most severe and refers to an overspend of more than five percent. In this case, the FIA ​​deducts world championship points depending on the extent of the infringement and can decide on other financial or sporting sanctions.