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The adventure of cats is coming to Xbox soon

The adventure of cats is coming to Xbox soon

after misguided (From 37.00 euros He buys) Last year, it not only landed on four feet, but also on PlayStation and PC, the cat adventure is now a tiger for two more platforms.

In less than two months, to be exact On August 10thFur ball lovers can also visit Xbox One And Xbox Series X | s Walk around a neon-drenched robot booth, run away from creepy little drones and climb anything you can dig your sharp claws into. Ad sweet nice trailer.

Stray: Cat food entertainment coming soon to Xbox

In addition to interesting new titles like Ghostbike or Flock, Annapurna show As of Thursday night, there will also be a few old acquaintances, including indie Darling Stray, who is even on the set. Game Awards Last year, he managed to win at least six nominations and two awards with his cat’s claws.

Starting August 10th, Xbox players will also be able to check if the praise the adventure has received from players and the trade press is justified. the Inline trailers But before that, he offers a preview of what interested cat lovers can expect when they search for their fall home.

This includes solving puzzles, running after passers-by, and above all, discovering the truly wonderful city in which you are BlueTwelve Studio Developers Stacked together and enhanced with neon-lit details and friendly robots. It can be the “hot spot” and “new hero” too Our test on Stray a result.