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Gollum Studio – Daedalic closes development department – SHOCK2

Gollum Studio – Daedalic closes development department – SHOCK2

As announced by Hamburg-based game publisher Daedalic Entertainment, in-house game development will be shut down.

In the future, Daedalic will focus on licensing, marketing and distribution of video games and states that “eight promising releases” are preparing for the current fiscal year. The company talks about a “difficult turning point”, which can also be seen as a “new beginning in the long history of Daedalic Entertainment”. With the appointment of the development department, the team of 90 will be reduced by 25 employees.

“We value every member of our team and it is important to us that the transition process runs as smoothly as possible. Therefore, we will support our former employees in finding new opportunities within our network,” the company explains.

Another Lord of the Rings game has been cancelled

Another game dedicated to Daedalic The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Unfortunately, it wasn’t just a financial failure — on Metacritic, the PS5 version of the game only had a rating of 34 and a user score of 1.1.

Like economy games mentionedHowever, with the Daedalic restructuring, they work on another Lord of the ringsThe game has stopped. The project was to be funded by the Ministry of Economy with two million euros until the end of 2024 and has been under implementation since mid-2022.

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