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The American CNN broadcaster has separated from the famous presenter, Don Lemon

Lemon recently caused outrage with a sexist comment about republican Nikki Haley. He is best known for his evening show, which he has presented for years.

American news channel CNN and longtime anchor Don Lemon will go their separate ways in the future. “Don will always be part of the CNN family and we thank him for his service over the past 17 years,” Chris Licht wrote to staff Monday. Licht gave no reasons for the split from Lemon – but the 57-year-old was furious on Twitter. The famous presenter has hosted an evening show on CNN for years.

About six months ago, he was doing a new breakfast show with a couple of colleagues. Lemon also appeared on the show on Monday mornings (local time). A few hours later, he wrote on Twitter: “This morning my agent informed me that CNN has terminated my contract.”

Lemon recently drew criticism for a sexist comment about Republican Representative Nikki Haley. The 51-year-old White House candidate has called for a generational shift in the country’s political leadership, saying some politicians have outlived their terms. Lemon then said on CNN’s Breakfast TV show: “Haley is not in her prime. (…) The woman is in her 20s, 30s, maybe her 40s.” This is not his opinion, but you can read about it on Google, for example. Lemon then apologized and was absent from CNN This Morning for a while.


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