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Sunday song: “Mein Fell” by Shapka with Kerosin95

Austrian artists Schapka & Kerosin95 have just been seen at Popfest in Vienna. Today they offer an exotic summer itinerary for the next hairy visit to the outdoor pool with my ‘my skin’ feature.

to Michaela Pichler

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“Summer everyone!” – This is the slogan of an advertising campaign in Spain. The posters show a variety of women wearing bikinis; Young and elderly women, who are heavier, with stretch marks or scars. This procedure was commissioned by the Spanish Ministry of Gender Equality. This topic is directed against discriminatory body ideals, and Spain’s message is clear: “Every body is a beach body.” Austrian band Shapka is convinced of this, too. With their new single “Mein Fell,” they celebrate body positivity with Kerosin95 in a way – poetic and whimsical.

The human body is a deeply political task – right down to the last tip of a hair. Musicians know it in pop too As long as Knowles or Sudan Archive, who actually addressed everyday racism in their songs using the example of their poetry. Just a few millimeters of fluff is enough to denounce the ideals of beauty – the Viennese DIY punk band Schapka can now sing a song about it. Including Luffy’s beats, of course.

My hair, velvet, my locks, my protection, my woolly, my hair, my fur

With a density of 50 to 400 hairs per square centimeter, the skin of mammals is called fur. In biology, this often acts as a protection or even a warning signal. In Shapka’s song “Mein Fell” both apply. Hair, whether on the legs or under the armpits, is displayed on the beach, and potential looks or unnecessary comments are intercepted by the protection of your crew. “Didn’t he call me an idiot, my love, Lily smokes a long frank, the patriarchate is burnt, and a chapka is now known all over the city. Soft bellies and tan lines help us froth up the foam. Let the party rise, no one can hold a candle for us.”

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The fact that people are still really concerned about their peers’ hair is actually just hair-raising. And this summer is especially challenging for some groups, too. If as a woman, a non-binary or trans person, you should first think about pants or skirt length that causes as little contact with cats as possible (spoiler: it doesn’t matter how long or short the pants are), then in this world it still almost always happens Largely wrong. For this reason, Shapka also wrote “Mein Fell”. It’s a track that fits into the song repertoire of a band whose DNA contains criticism, rebellion, and offbeat feminism written in bold, bold font.

“Mein Fell” by Schapka ft. Kerosin95 is just across Nomavi Records Back. The song is a precursor to Shabka’s upcoming album “Chal-Boom”, which will be released in October.

Whether it’s frizzy armpit hair, fluff above the upper lip, unshaven legs, or a cut in the brow. Shapka’s fur is not subject to any heterogeneous standards, body hair becomes a symbol of freedom and in a very imprecise way. Then senior fellow Kerosin95 answered the ridiculous question that still haunts social media circles about whether feminists are allowed to shave their legs: “I stand, parting in the middle / I like stroking my hair on my breast / I let them grow – sometimes I don’t / I shave – Or I don’t shave.” Ready and ready for the next visit to the beach.