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The announcement is rumored to be in August at the PlayStation event

The announcement is rumored to be in August at the PlayStation event

Is Sony holding a ‘PlayStation Event’ in August to showcase the PS5 Slim, with removable disc drive?


A friend of a friend told me… Rumors about new PS5 models have been around for a long time. The ‘leakage’ continued PlayStation will soon release the “PS5 Slim”.. The slimmer PlayStation 5 replaces and will replace the previous two models without drive Delivered. This should be available for purchase separately in the future. It’s all about the alleged PS5 Slim ad in August.

Not just the buddy, even Microsoft is anticipating a new PS5 console. The slim version is said to cost just €399 and will appear sometime in fall 2023. The only catch is that there hasn’t been a PlayStation event making that announcement yet.

PS5 Slim: Announcement supposed to be next month

Now an Xbox Insider is reporting on this topic. In response to a mysterious tweet by snitch He said Nick Bakerthat he had heard about the August PlayStation show “some time ago”. Then the slim version is introduced there. The event may be brought forward to counter Microsoft’s victory over the FTC in its acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Previous reports said that production of existing PS5 models will soon cease. The new model, the PS5 Slim, should be available in September.

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So far, Sony has not commented on the rumors. There is also no official announcement of the August PlayStation event.


Hardware revision will not be uncommon

Production costs haven’t been cheaper for Sony and its partners, so it wouldn’t be surprising if PlayStation went this route. It is said that the Blu-ray drive will cost another 100 euros in the future. Who needs one. I myself ordered a PS5 with a disc drive at the time, but I’ve only used it for one game so far. Times are changing. Of course, it’s up to everyone how they feel about this topic. Some players love their game cases, but most of the time they don’t come up with anything in them. With more and more games, there is only an installer inside.

As more news emerges, we’ll update this post.