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The application period for the Composers Laboratory begins  Events

The application period for the Composers Laboratory begins Events

Chaya Chernwin is one of the lecturers who gives advice to young musicians and composers.Christopher McIntosh

The Klangpfad Composers Lab 2024 will be held from September 10 to 17 this year. Participants include, among others, Chaya Chernwin, Francesco Feledi and the NAMES band. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, February 20.

black The Klangspurs Composers Lab is part of the Klangspurs Academy, which was successfully launched in 2021, targeting talented, international and local composers aiming for a career as a professional musician. With the Composers Lab, an exceptional meeting and learning place for composers is created in Klangpfad Schwaz in Tyrol with lecturers and musical partners that change annually. For 2024, prominent musical figures have been won for the collaboration: Israeli-American composer Chaya Czernewin and Italian composer Francesco Felidi, as well as the Salzburg-based NAMES Ensemble and conductor Gregor Mayrhofer. Eight selected young composers will experience new inspiration and perspectives through the expertise of pedagogically trained lecturers. During practical work on works written specifically for the “NAMES” ensemble, a “reality check” is carried out under excellent rehearsal conditions in Schwaz.

Live at Klangspors Festival

This “laboratory” will be comprehensively integrated into the Klangpfad Schwaz Festival through public master classes and concerts in Schwaz (5 to 22 September 2024). Audiences and other young composers have the opportunity to see work on new music up close and can follow the creation, background and development of new works. The opportunity to participate in the Klangpfad Composers Lab is provided through an international call for proposals. Eight participants are nominated in a two-stage selection process. There is no age limit for applicants. On September 17, the participants' works will be premiered by the 'NAMES Ensemble' as part of the Klangpfad Festival.

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Application time

The awarding of scholarships also aims to ensure that projects are accessible to all parties involved. Cultural and stylistic diversity among young musicians and composers is clearly desirable, as it enriches musical discourse and has a unifying effect. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, February 20.