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The art museum allows it to be ripped off in the Music Hall.

The art museum allows it to be ripped off in the Music Hall.

The Technical Museum Vienna (TMW) has a new exhibition area to offer: the Music Hall aims primarily to illustrate the historical and technical development of electronic music. Not only are there a number of stops where visitors can lend a hand themselves, but there are also things from famous artists like Joe Zawinul or Parov Stelar. The Music Hall opened on Wednesday evening.

Since the 1980s at the latest, electronic music has experienced a rapid revival which was naturally related to the technical developments of the time. A variety of equipment provided artists with new opportunities to create their sound. Today, keyboards, synthesizers, and above all computers have become indispensable in music production—not to mention increasingly sophisticated studio environments. All of this is now honored in the art museum, although by no means should it be addressed only to fellow EDM fans and fans.

After all, musicians from a variety of styles used the new instruments, showcasing historical predecessors such as Multimonica or Clavioline as well as the first percussion instruments, samplers or sequencers. A separate area devoted to the avant-garde, names like Daphne Oram, Laurie Spiegel, and Wendy Carlos appear here and are examined in more detail. A separate focus deals with red-white-red music creation. How the sprawling recording studio table can be guessed from the example of Falco’s companion Thomas Rabitsch. Internationally successful electric swing producer Barrow Stellar is represented by his paintings.

If all the impressions make you want to do it yourself, there is, for example, a separate show stage where you can try your hand at karaoke. The media station enables authoring immersion in the digital age. TMW General Manager Peter Overiter was quoted as saying on a radio show: “Through the Music Lounge, we want to reach out and inspire young people in particular.” “It should encourage notable Austrian and female models, and on the interactive stage, visitors can sample the air of the theater in an accessible way. And who knows what hidden talents will come to the fore or which stars of tomorrow will celebrate their debut here at the Technisches Museum in Vienna.”

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